A look at the most prominent LGBTQIA+ characters in video games

I was in my late teens and early twenties when the first LGBTQIA+, video game character was born.

For me, the first game character I ever played was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

My teenage self wasn’t quite ready for it yet, but the first time I played Skyrim was during the first week of my sophomore year of high school.

My friends and I had all been playing it for the past few months and I was completely hooked.

The Elder Scroll V: Morrowind wasn’t my first introduction to video games, but it was the first that I really connected to as an individual.

It was a game that made me feel like a part of something.

A game that allowed me to see that I was a part, a part part of a community.

Skyrim’s world was an open-ended sandbox with endless quests to explore.

I never really cared for RPGs in general, but Skyrim was one of my first taste of video games that truly had me on my toes.

As a kid, Skyrim offered me the opportunity to explore the world and interact with people in a meaningful way.

It offered me something I hadn’t experienced in my life before: a way to express myself in a way that wasn’t limited by a strict binary system of gender roles.

I was very excited when my friend and I were able to explore a new area of Skyrim’s story by adventuring in its newly opened, new-to-me, new world.

We explored the new lands of Skyrim, and eventually decided to head north into the far north of Skyrim to visit the capital of the kingdom of Morrowind, Mournhold.

We didn’t make it to Mournkeep in time to see our friends, but I’ll always be thankful that we did.

It’s a big, open, open world, with plenty of quests, loot, and lore to fill your time with.

It gave me a sense of accomplishment.

We spent most of our time exploring and killing other players in Skyrim’s open world and finding new weapons, armor, and crafting recipes to fill our inventory.

At one point in time, we even discovered a treasure chest.

In addition to exploring the world, I had the opportunity at one point to play an extremely fun multiplayer game with friends.

At the time, I was the only player who wasn’t male, so I played as the female version of myself.

In this game, I played the part of “Mage” in my role, and I did my best to do the things that I thought I should do in the game: protect the other players, kill them, and heal them.

I felt good, I felt like I was part of this community, and it was amazing.

We were playing in an online match against other players who played the same character.

It felt good to be the “Mages” in the online multiplayer world.

The player who played as “Maged” was the one who was able to do everything that the other player could do.

This is a huge accomplishment for me, because I hadn