Autism language and testing: A new battleground

An autism language and test system that is designed to help parents understand their children’s disabilities will be introduced in a new pilot project in Auckland.

The pilot project is designed as a pilot project to identify and implement language and communication challenges in the home, in schools and at community centres.

Auckland’s Language and Language Disorders Council (L&LCD) said it wanted to ensure children with language and language disabilities were aware of the services available to them and have the information they needed.

“The L&LCG wants to make sure that they’re aware of where their services are, what their options are, and what’s available,” L&LD chair Anne Bickley said.

L&LDC president Michael Hickey said the new pilot was the first step in a plan to provide the L&LLD with the necessary information for families to meet the needs of their children.

Mr Hickey called on all parents to take the L &LLD pilot pilot seriously.

He said there was a lack of communication between parents and the LLLD.

More information: Language and language-related services and services for children with disabilities, Auckland.