How do you tell if someone is disabled?

Here are some key questions to consider:How do I tell if a person is disabled or needs help with a disability?

Do you know if someone needs a wheelchair?

Do people need a wheelchair to walk on their own?

Do they need a walker?

How do you determine if someone’s wheelchair is wheelchair accessible?

Do I need a walking aid?

Are there ways to check for mobility issues?

How often do people need to have a walk?

How much can I push my wheelchair?

Is there a guidebook to help me with this?

What do I need to do to make sure my wheelchair is accessible?

How long does it take to get my wheelchair to me?

Does it make a difference to the way I move when I’m with my wheelchair partner?

If I can’t get my hands on a wheelchair, what can I do to help?

If someone needs help getting out of their car or onto a bus, how do I know if they need help getting back into their vehicle?

What can I tell my family or friends?

Do my children need help?

Can I take them to a walk with me?

Can my parents take them for a walk to show that I care?

Are they walking?

Can I walk them to school?

Is my family on disability?

Is the school wheelchair accessible for me?

What should I do if I need assistance getting around in a wheelchair when I go to work?

Is it safe for me to go to a restaurant without a wheelchair with my friends?

Are I allowed to go on the bus with my friend if I’m walking?

What about my child who needs a cane?

Does my child need a cane for walking?

Is wheelchair accessible at the playground?

Does the playground have a wheelchair slide?

Is I allowed a wheelchair at my child’s school?

Are my children allowed to play on the playground if they are disabled?

Can someone with a special needs child walk with you at school?

Can people with disabilities have access to social workers, psychologists, lawyers, or other qualified professionals?

Are your family members or friends who you can contact for help with your disability?

Are you able to get information from your local community resource center (CRC)?

Can I use the phone with my deaf family member?

If my deaf or hard of hearing family member doesn’t have a hearing aid, can I still use the hearing aid?

Do the people who have the hearing aids in my family have to go through the CCR?

What if my deaf and hard of seeing family member does have a disability and they are not able to use the equipment at their workplace?

What happens if I use my hearing aid to make a phone call?

Is someone at the other end of the line able to read my message?

Can they read it if they don’t have the appropriate equipment?

Do deaf and hearing people have to call each other?

Is a deaf and/or hard of a hearing person required to listen to a message or call the person with a speech impediment?

Is anyone in my home allowed to use their hearing aid when they’re in the home?

Do we need to call the CTC office if my hearing or speech impediments prevent me from getting the help I need?

Can you call the hotline for the CTS office?

Can deaf and blind people get disability support in a city?

Is disabled people entitled to disability benefits?

Does anyone who needs disability support get disability benefits from the CSC?

Is deaf and deaf-blind people entitled in Quebec?

Can we get disability payments for deaf and disabled people?

Is disability payment for deaf- and deaf people paid by employers or charities?

Does disability pay apply to disabled employees?

Do disability pay also apply to students?

Does this apply to deaf- or deaf- blind students in Ontario?

Does Ontario have a plan to expand disability benefits for deaf or blind people?

Does someone who needs support get it from the provincial government?

Is this plan a federal or provincial policy?

How does disability benefits work?

Does Canada have an official disability benefit plan?

Is Ontario’s plan voluntary?

Can disabled people get assistance from the government?

Can a deaf person get help from a public service?

Can the government pay for deaf people to have their hearing aids replaced?

Can an elderly person receive disability support from the province?

Are people eligible for disability benefits under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP)?

Can disabled adults be paid for disability services?

Can seniors be paid disability benefits through the Ontario Disability Support Program?

Can blind people receive disability services from the Canadian Disability Support Pension Plan?

Can workers with disabilities be paid by the federal government?

Does Nova Scotia have a government-run disability support program?

Has Nova Scotia expanded disability benefits in recent years?

Has the government implemented a provincial disability support plan?

Does anybody in Nova Scotia qualify for disability insurance?

Has anybody been able to qualify for Disability Insurance Canada?

Has anyone been able for disability coverage under the Nova Scotia Disability Insurance Act?Has a Nova