How to Create a Powerpoint Language Disability Workshop for your Students

Next BigFuture has just released a free Powerpoint language disability workshop for students who are not fluent in Mandarin or Chinese.

The workshop aims to give students a chance to create an interactive and fun learning experience for their students to gain an understanding of their language and to have a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by their students in Chinese.

The powerpoint language exercises are a great way to help your students learn Mandarin, as they will not be learning it as a native speaker, but as a learner who will be able to translate it into their native language.

Powerpoint exercises can also help your learners to become more comfortable with their native speech, as the exercise will help them understand and respond to the language better.

The Powerpoint version of this workshop is free to download and includes two exercises, one for each language, but students can purchase the additional version for $7.99.

To download the free PowerPoint language disability lesson, go to Next Big Futures website, choose the language you want to learn and choose the workshop type you want your students to participate in.

The lesson will then start to run.

After the exercise has finished, you can download the additional PowerPoint version for only $7 per person, or $12.95 per family.

To watch the Powerpoint exercise, go ahead and start the PowerPoint video from the link below.

The free PowerPdf Language Disability workshop for Mandarin learners is available to download at the following links: