How to get a better response to your disability?

A new survey of more than 20,000 people with disabilities shows that while they don’t get all the attention they’d like, they are still part of a thriving community.

The survey, conducted by the National Disability Employment Alliance, found that nearly one in three respondents reported they had worked with someone with a disability.

“We found that disability is a strong asset, a great resource, a resource that is needed more than ever, and that people need to be open about who they are and how they relate to others,” the study’s lead author, David Lefkowitz, told ABC News.

A survey by the national disability employment alliance, conducted in February, found 41 percent of respondents have worked with a disabled person.

The findings are the latest research to show the strength of the disability community.

Last year, the National Association of People with Disabilities (NAPDA) released a survey of people with disability, finding that one in four people with a condition had worked for someone with disability.

The new study was conducted with the help of a consortium of companies and advocacy groups, and was funded by the NAPDA.