How to get disability accommodation in Singapore

As the nation’s government prepares to hand over the keys to the city’s streets, it’s clear there’s a lot to worry about.

Here are six key things to know about getting disability accommodation.


You’ll need to get a permit first You’ll have to apply for a permit if you’re in need of disability accommodation (DCA) in Singapore.

A permit is a kind of special government document that gives you access to a limited number of facilities.

The permit allows you to access specific areas or areas of the city, but it doesn’t allow you to enter or exit the city.

The government also gives out a few different kinds of permits for things like taxis and restaurants, but they are often limited to the area they’re given.

You can apply for any kind of permit you like, but the best way to find out about DCA is to contact your local public health authority or the local government.

This is where you can find out how many spaces you need and where you’re allowed to use them.

You also can apply to the City of Singapore for a DCA permit, which will give you access around the city and the surrounding area.

You might also be able to get one through the Singapore Government, but that is the process that’s more expensive and requires a fee.

If you have to pay for an application, be sure to bring your own documents.


The cost of a DLA is set by the city A DCA usually runs between $3,000 and $5,000.

You will need to have a medical certificate to get the permit, and you will need a government-issued ID.

If the city requires a passport, it can be hard to get that in time.

If your ID doesn’t have a photo, it might be hard for the authorities to check.

If it’s not a government issued ID, you can apply online or by calling the City’s phone number (tel: +65 7 577 6288) to get an application.

If there’s no one there to answer your call, try to make a phone call to the local public transport company (trolley, tram, bus, etc.) or other transport companies to see if you can speak to someone on the phone.


The amount of time that you’ll need depends on the type of DCA You will have to get your permit before you can access any DCA facilities.

You need to pay the City to hold your permit for a certain period of time, usually between two and four months, and if you don’t get your DCA, you’ll lose it.

In the meantime, the city will also need to provide you with a voucher, which you’ll use to get access to certain DCA services, such as taxis and shops.

It’s important to note that if you get your certificate while you’re waiting for your permit, you’re required to wait a certain amount of days after your permit is issued before you will be able access your D CA.

In addition, if you fail to pay your permit within a certain time, the permit can be cancelled.


If a permit is cancelled, you may still get it back After your permit has been cancelled, it is usually up to you to go to the DCA office to get it reissued.

If they’re unable to provide access, you will still have to go and get your new permit and apply again.

If that’s not possible, you might have to reapply.

Once you get a new permit, it will need special permission to be issued.

You must give the city a copy of your new DCA application, as well as the DLA voucher.


What you need to know before you apply For the first time you’ll be asked to submit an application to get Disability Access.

You should bring all of the documents you need, including your ID, your medical certificate and your application form.

Once they are all ready, you should be able see a public health worker who will issue your DLA.

You won’t be able make an appointment to get DCA at the public health centre, however, because it’s a private facility.

Once your permit expires, you must reapply for your new one.

If, for some reason, you get rejected, you need the approval of your local government before you’ll get access.

This approval is given by the local council.

The council usually gives you an opportunity to present the relevant documents to them.

If those documents don’t work out, the council may request that you re-apply.

Once the council approves your application, you don,t need to reappraise it again.

However, if your application is rejected, your D accommodation will be withdrawn.

If this happens, you won’t get access until you pay for your accommodation again.


What to do after you get disabled accommodation If your disability accommodation is cancelled and you can’t get it renewed, you have until April 1 to re-approve the application.

It will take at least six months