How to identify language impairment in NFL players’ communication in a new report

The NFL’s latest study on language impairment has been released and it’s a big one.

The study finds that a significant percentage of players are experiencing language impairment.

The researchers say that in 2016, the average speed of an NFL player’s speech was 20.4 words per minute.

A player’s speed was found to be a predictor of a player’s impairment.

In other words, a player with slower speech was more likely to be in a speech impairment category.

What’s more, when a player has difficulty reading, speaking or comprehending words, the impairment could be more severe.

This is what the researchers found.

In terms of the player’s cognitive abilities, they found that about one-third of the players were classified as being in “high-functioning” or “moderate-functioned” speech impairment.

The researchers found that the most severe impairment was the presence of “low-functionings,” which was found at more than 25% of the athletes in the study.

The next highest was “medium-function” impairment at about 6% of players.

The other two categories, “very low-functioners” and “poor-functionals,” were all below 1%.

The NFLPA and the Players Association are calling for the NFL to conduct a review of its concussion policy.

The report states that the NFL’s policy is “a product of incomplete and misleading information.”

The league’s policy, the report says, was “misleading” and doesn’t reflect the best scientific evidence.