How to say ‘no’ in India

How to express an ‘I don’t’ when you don’t want to be asked to leave a restaurant, or when a friend or family member doesn’t want you to go out for a meal.

The Times of Indian on Tuesday published an interview with the actor Shah Rukh Khan, who is also a practicing Muslim.

In the interview, Khan says he has spoken to a lot of people in India about their faith and how to deal with religious and social pressures.

“When you do not like what someone is saying, you say no,” Khan said.

“You don’t tell them you’re not going to go, or you say, ‘Oh, you don�t have a choice, you should go,'” Khan added.

“But it is also true that, in the last days, we have been witnessing a great amount of intolerance and intolerance has been increasing, and you should not be so quick to throw away the opportunities you have.”

The actor and director said it was important for Muslims in India to speak up about their religion and how it was being influenced by religious practices, particularly when it comes to issues like the country�s rising intolerance of minority groups.

“We have to come out with our voice and say, no, you have the right to be here,” Khan added, according to the Times of India.

“This is an important message for Muslims everywhere,” he said.

Khan has previously spoken out against the way India treats people with disabilities.

He said that as a child, he had been asked to change his name and his religious beliefs when he was born.

The actor said he had told his parents that the name change was because he wanted to become a Muslim and not a Sikh.

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