How to turn your disability into a superpower

Disabled People is the latest book to be released by disabled rights group Disabled People.

The book focuses on how disabled people can harness their talents and abilities in a variety of ways, such as in their chosen field.

The author, Sarah Green, is a member of Disabled People and has been writing for disability groups for over 10 years.

I spoke to her about how disabled communities can use disability to their advantage.

The book is not perfect, but it is the best of what we have to offer disabled people and we hope that disabled people use it as a model for how we can work together to help people.

We want to get people talking about disability, because we want to have a better future for disabled people.

Disability is the biggest problem facing us and we know that people will want to be able to communicate, understand what is going on, and help us out, so we want them to be educated about disability and also about disability in general.

If you or someone you know is struggling with disabilities, the book will be a useful resource.

It will teach you skills, it will help you build relationships, and it will make it easier for you to communicate with other people who are with disabilities.

I have been working with disabled people in the disability spaces for years and this book is an amazing step forward in our work.

It gives us an opportunity to get involved and to take part in the process of making the world a better place for people with disabilities and we are so grateful to Sarah for creating this book.

For more on disability, check out the video below: