Interim Italy coach: I am not afraid of losing my job

I am worried about my future.

I am afraid of being a scapegoat for everything.

The whole country is crying out for me to go.

I’m a victim.

It’s a shame.

I’ve been the one who was punished for everything I’ve done.

I was the one forced to be quiet, and now I’m the one with to live in the dark.

It hurts, it’s so hard to deal with.

The truth is, the media are not happy.

They don’t want to know anything about what happened to me.

They want to be happy.

But when you know what you have done, they are ashamed of you.

They think they can go on talking about it, but you have to stay quiet and be honest.

They keep asking questions, and I have to say, they keep asking me, and they keep telling me, ‘What about the children?’

I have never been involved in the abuse of children.

I have always been involved with the children.

That’s why I have such a positive attitude.

I want to protect the children, and protect their right to be cared for.

When I was a child, I always had a good life.

I never experienced abuse.

The problem is, it was the other way around.

I had a very bad life.

The people in power didn’t give me the time to be honest, and didn’t care about the kids.

They didn’t see the harm I was doing.

They said, ‘He should have been punished, but he did nothing wrong.

He was doing what was right’.

They kept telling me to do it the same way as others.

They knew what they were doing.

I think they wanted to protect themselves.

I can’t imagine being a leader who doesn’t know the truth.

It makes me feel guilty.

The media is not happy that I didn’t take responsibility.

It doesn’t help me at all.

If the situation hadn’t changed, they would have come to me and said, there’s something you have been hiding.

If I had known then what I know now, I wouldn’t have been here.

It was all a cover-up, but I couldn’t help but to believe it.

I didn’st do anything wrong.

When they brought it to my attention, I just said, yes, it wasn’t my fault.

I wasn’t going to take any responsibility for what I had done.

They came to me, they said, well, you were the one responsible for what happened.

I said, no, I’m not.

If you had been punished for something, you would have been found guilty, and you would be out of the job.

But that was not the case.

The situation was so serious, and the way they had acted, I didn.

I just knew what had happened.

You are the victim, but it’s not you that has to take responsibility for your actions.

You’re the scapegoat.

I do what is right, but sometimes you need to be brave, and sometimes you can’t do that.

I don’t blame anybody.

I feel bad for everyone involved, but the truth is that everyone knows what I did.

I wish the situation had not been that bad.

I did the right thing.

But if I hadn’t done the right things, I could have never gotten into football.

If that had not happened, I would have stayed at home, I believe, with my parents.

I would still be alive.

That is my choice.

When the football team loses, I think I’m going to get angry, because I want people to be able to talk about it.

But I don,t feel sorry for myself.

I know what I’ve gone through.

I always knew that it would happen.

I wanted to be part of the team, I wanted people to see the players and coaches as real people.

I knew I couldn’ t go on with this.

That was my plan.

I tried to do what was best for myself, and what I could do.

I couldn t have helped it.

There is no way to make everybody happy.

I thought, ‘It can’t be like this’.

But when I was told that they would lose the World Cup, and all the medals, it changed everything.

You can’t make people happy by hurting them.

If we lose, we lose because we want to win.

But at the same time, I know that what I have done is a good thing, because we are the ones who deserve to win the World Cups.

The players were never given any reason to be sad.

The fans were always there, and every time they lost, they wanted them to win, to be with their team, to have a good time.

But they didn’t have any motivation to win anything.

At the end of the day, they didn’ t care.

They wanted to win and they were proud.

Thats why they were there. That