‘It’s an act of war’: Transgender activist pleads not guilty in shooting death

Transsexual activist and transgender woman Briana Krumm has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the shooting death of her boyfriend, according to court documents.

Krummp was indicted Monday on a charge of aggravated murder in Krumman’s death.

Krasmin, 28, was charged with murder in June.

Prosecutors alleged that Krumma killed her boyfriend at her home after learning that he had been living as a woman.

They said she had been dating Krumms boyfriend, who was identified as Cody Doss, for three years.

She was fired from the department after the incident, but she has not been arrested.

Doss is now a free man.

He has a restraining order against Krumme.

The case was assigned to District Judge Robert McKeon.

Krimm’s attorney, John O’Donnell, said Krummers boyfriend was a “normal guy” who would not hurt anyone.

Krapp’s family has asked for privacy.

The judge has scheduled a hearing for Jan. 28.

Kralm, who works as a certified public accountant, was a nurse and was a transgender woman.

She had a “vibrant personality” and an interest in law and social justice issues, her family said in a statement.

“She was a beautiful, caring person who loved life and made the world a better place,” the statement said.

Kraymes boyfriend had been in prison on domestic violence charges.

He had been released in July after serving time for robbery, burglary and battery, according, to the San Francisco Chronicle.

He and Krummer dated for six months, according the Chronicle.

Kramm, a native of Kansas City, Missouri, had a boyfriend and a son, the newspaper reported.