Laravel release highlights,security fixes

The Laravel team has released 7.0.1 as a maintenance release.

The release brings improvements and fixes for several of the more common issues that users have been reporting in recent weeks.

For example, the team fixed an issue where the “Update-Catch” functionality could cause errors, which were reported by a large number of users.

Additionally, a bug in the PHP 5.6 compatibility mode was fixed to prevent the plugin from updating if the PHP extension was not installed.

For security, the 7.2 release includes fixes for the following vulnerabilities:CVE-2017-8686,CVE-2018-9477,CVE,CVE7.1,CVE8.0,CVE6.5,CVE1.8,CVE2.7,CVE3.4,CVE5.1The release also includes a number of security fixes.

In addition to fixing the vulnerabilities listed above, the update also fixes the following issues:The release is available now for download on the official Laravel 5.5.0 and 5.7.0 releases.

The full list of security improvements in this release can be found on the Laravel Security Team blog.