Siemens disabled language for Russian media

The Siemen-owned Siemens Group has disabled the ability for Russian news media to speak Russian on its websites and mobile apps, in an effort to prevent them from becoming biased, according to the Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor.

The move comes as the Russian government attempts to rein in foreign media coverage of the country following the downing of the Malaysian airliner in September.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is also concerned about the spread of misinformation in his country.

The Russian media industry has been under intense pressure since last summer when Moscow accused the BBC of bias in its coverage of events in the country.

Roskomsdok, a member of the Russian Federation Council, is the country’s top legislative body.

Rosky TV and RT both have significant Russian audiences.

According to Roskamsdok’s website, RT is owned by the Moscow-based Sberbank Holding.

In February, the company announced it had signed a new contract with a new Russian media conglomerate to broadcast a wide range of Russian content, including news and cultural events.