The latest in language-based disability coverage

Fox Sports is bringing its award-winning sports radio program “Inside the Linguistic Diverse Community” to television in the fall with the debut of the “Language-Based Disability” program, which features guest hosts who will discuss how they deal with language-related disabilities.

The program will debut exclusively on Fox Sports 1 on October 10, and will air weekly on October 14 and 15.

The new program will also feature hosts who are working to change language- related disability discrimination laws.

“Language-based disabilities are a huge problem in America today,” said Fox Sports’ Chief Legal Officer, Jeffrey Smith, in a press release.

“They affect everyone in the workforce, including people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or can’t read, speak, or understand English.”

The program is part of a larger Fox Sports initiative to bring more diverse voices to the broadcast booth.

Earlier this month, “Inside The Linguistics Diverse Communities” brought a diverse group of guest hosts to discuss issues related to language- and disability-based discrimination in America.

“The language-bashing is something we do all the time.

We do it in the media,” Smith said.

“So we’ve been doing it in our newsrooms as well.”

“Inside the Language-Bashing” hosts include comedians Jason Jones and Matt Heimbach, and former NFL player and current ESPN analyst Dan Patrick.

The hosts will be joined on the program by former NFL offensive lineman and NFL Network analyst Matt Ryan, who will also appear.