The word “disabled” gets a new meaning as the term is renamed to ‘disabled in service’

The word ‘disabled’ gets a big new meaning when it comes to services for people with disabilities.

The word is now being used in a new way to mean “disabled in the service” or “in service to.”

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the word ‘disability’ is an acronym for “disability in service.”

This new definition comes as a result of a 2016 decision by the Department that called for the “broad use of the term disability in the Department’s disability services and assistance services” to be clarified to include individuals with disabilities, including individuals who are medically unable to work.

In other words, ‘disabled on the job’ is now a better option for VA workers.

According to a spokesperson for the VA, the decision to use the term ‘disabled service’ was prompted by the need for the use of alternative terminology, such as ‘disabled veteran,’ for those who served in the military.

The VA spokesperson explained that the Department believes that it is important to recognize the value of service to the nation by allowing for the broad use of terms like ‘disabilities,’ but in a more appropriate way.’

I believe that the term disabled service’ is a better way to describe those who serve our country and have been there for years, said Chris Hager, spokesperson for Veterans Affairs.

The VA has already started making this change in a number of its programs.

In April, the VA announced that it would be using the term “disabilities in service” to describe its disability services.

Other federal agencies are also taking a look at the word disability, including the Office of Personnel Management.

In its 2017 disability policy, the OPM explained that “disabling in the line of duty” was used by some agencies to refer to people who were physically disabled.

The OPM has also changed its disability guidelines to say that people with “dyslexia, intellectual disability, and other intellectual disabilities” are considered “disable in the performance of their duties.”

Other federal departments are also considering changing the word disabled to ‘disabled in service.’

The Department of Education is currently considering making the change, according to the Office for Civil Rights.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is also considering altering the definition of ‘disable,’ according to a statement from spokesperson Sarah Nunn.

According to HHS, it is not a matter of policy but a matter for consideration and guidance in the future.

Other states are also looking to change the definition, according the Washington Post.

According, the state of Washington has proposed that it will use the word “disabled” instead of ‘disabled worker’ when referring to people with disability.

The proposal comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed by the ACLU and other groups seeking to have the term used as a euphemism for “disabled person.”

“In the United States, disability is defined by the federal government as ‘the condition of being unable to perform, or in need of assistance in performing, any of the functions of an individual because of a physical, mental, or psychological impairment,'” the statement read.