‘They don’t know what to do with me’: Transgender student says she was sexually assaulted by classmates in school

Two transgender high school students say they were sexually assaulted at a school in Ohio this year.

Katherine Dye, 18, and Kristi Dye said they were harassed and sexually assaulted while walking to school on their way home from school on June 7.

Their story first aired on Vice News on Friday.

The school’s superintendent told Vice News the two were assaulted on a bus and the school’s investigation has yet to be completed.

The two told Vice that their assault happened because of a student’s transgender status.

“We were walking to a bus stop and someone grabbed us and tried to make us perform oral sex on them,” Katherine Dye told Vice.

“They said we should kiss or touch them.”

Katherine and Krista Dye were on their first day of high school when they were assaulted by three students who they said made comments about them being trans, according to the statement.

They were walking home when a white male walked up and began to touch them.

“I don’t even know what I was thinking,” Kristi said.

“It was just such a gross, gross thing that I couldn’t believe.”

Kristi said she was wearing a skirt, and she didn’t notice the assault until she realized what had happened.

“When I heard the bus stop was full, I looked around the corner and there was a white boy walking around,” she said.

She said she tried to push him away, but the boys followed her, touching her and groping her.

The boys eventually stopped touching her, and the driver drove off.

The school principal, the superintendent, and other officials told Vice they are investigating the incident and are looking into whether or not the students were bullied, according the statement, which was released Friday.

In the statement and in a letter to the school, the principal also stated that they are committed to protecting all students.