Trump calls for better treatment of Bilingual Americans

By BERNARD C. SAGANIn an interview with NBC’s TODAY show on Thursday, President Donald Trump called for more treatment for bilingual Americans who are suffering from the language barrier.

In the interview, which aired on March 2, Trump said the Trump administration’s plan to expand bilingualism would be a good example of the U.S. embracing the needs of people who speak a different language.

“We need to do better with people, with our people,” Trump said.

“And I think the most important thing for us to do is have more bilingual people, and I think we’re going to see that in the next several years, I think it’s going to happen in a big way.”

Trump added that it’s a matter of time before Bilingualism is accepted as a legitimate part of American life.

“I think we need to see it happen,” he said.

Trump has called for the creation of a bilingual version of the American flag.

In an effort to help with bilingualism, the Trump Administration last year issued an executive order that included language-specific language training.

The order also instructed federal agencies to ensure that bilingual training is available to all employees and that bilingual instruction is included in all new programs.

A federal official said Trump’s language policy will be implemented in the near future.