‘We want to be the best we can be’: A family’s journey to ‘normal’ living

A family from Sydney’s east end is trying to raise money to make a “normal life”.

Key points:The family are trying to use their story to help othersNormal life is the goal, says their mumThe family’s dad is a mental health worker for the Salvation ArmyHe has also been diagnosed with schizophrenia”He’s been living with schizophrenia for about a year and it has been very, very challenging.

We’ve had lots of mental health support and he’s had a lot of help and support from his GP and family,” his mother, Joanne, said.”

But we don’t have enough money to pay for his medication, he’s getting his medication through a health insurance company and he has to pay $700 a month for his rent and food.”

He doesn’t have a bank account so he’s got to go to the bank for everything.

“We’ve been looking for a new life and he just wants to be normal.

He’s really happy in the city and he loves life and everything is going really well.”

It’s been a hard year.

We’ve been trying to get through the rough times with help from friends and family but it’s just been really difficult.

“The family, who have a young child, have also been forced to take out a mortgage because they cannot afford to live on their own.”

My husband and I have been struggling with our finances, we’re in a tough situation,” Joanne said.”[The Salvation Army] has helped us out a lot, they’ve been very helpful and we’ve had a wonderful experience, but we’ve been struggling financially.

“The Salvation Soldier has been incredibly kind and he helped us to get things through to the point where we can move into a more permanent home.”‘

A family of extraordinary generosity’The family have already set aside $3,000 for their expenses.

But they have raised $6,000 towards the first month’s rent and $5,000 toward their living costs.

“For the last month we’ve done everything we could,” Mr Tinsley said.”(We’ve) taken the first two months off work, put our kids in day care, put on the roof, and put on a home with our own kitchen and living space.”

Then we took the third month off work and we did all of that with the help of the Salvation Soldier and the help from our family.

“Mr Tinsleys mother Joanne also took part in the crowdfunding effort.”

She has a very strong mental health background and I think she has come to the rescue quite a lot in this situation,” she said.

The family hope the fundraising effort will help them to afford a new place of their own and are hoping to use the money raised to buy a new house in a safe area.”

They want to build a house and they want to move into it,” Ms Tinsler said.