What does the word ‘disabled’ mean?

Disability is defined as an inability to perform, perform in an adaptive or adaptive capacity, or use one or more of the following essential human functions or activities:Ability to understand, respond to, control and communicate with others, or perform other essential tasks.

Ability to perform tasks and functions of daily living and to function safely in a range of environments, including outdoors, in crowded conditions, in hot or cold environments, in an indoor or outdoor space, in enclosed spaces, in confined spaces, under supervision, or on a train, bus, train station, train platform, or other vehicle.

Ability, with appropriate use of appropriate tools, to perform basic tasks of daily life, such as dressing, bathing, toileting, cleaning, preparing meals, taking medications, reading or writing, or preparing for physical or occupational activity, such a cleaning and laundry, etc.

Ability or proficiency in the use of tools and equipment to perform these basic tasks, such that they are not easily impaired by fatigue or other medical conditions, illness, injury, or disability.

Ability in using, working, using and communicating with other people and the environment.

Ability and proficiency in operating a motor vehicle, such skills are typically required to operate a vehicle, including driving, operating machinery, and driving a bus.

Ability of the person to perform the functions of basic human activities without impairment.

Ability at least to maintain a stable body and mind.

Ability for the person who uses the word disability to understand the meaning of the term.

Ability by the person with disabilities to make an informed decision regarding how to use, communicate with, and benefit from disability-related services and resources.

Ability with appropriate assistance, such assistance to participate in the health, safety, and well-being of others, including by assisting the person in managing or adjusting their daily activities and living situations.

Ability within a context that includes both a public and private environment that provides the same or similar services and benefits as a public or private setting.

Ability from a variety of environments to engage in appropriate social and physical activity, which includes socializing, interacting with other persons, using a computer, using communication devices, or participating in recreational activities.

Ability not to use a disability-specific language.

Ability the person uses the term disability to refer to a person who has difficulty in a function of a disability, such an inability that causes the person significant difficulty in the function of that disability.

The following are disabilities: