What to know about the Palestinian West Bank settlement of Maale Adumim

Jerusalem Post reporter Ana Ben-Yehuda reports from Jerusalem.

A Palestinian outpost in the West Bank occupied by Israel has become a key battleground in a contentious peace process with the Palestinians.

Maale Adalim, located in the northern West Bank, is a complex of dozens of buildings that are owned by a Jewish settlement.

The area is home to around 5,000 Israeli settlers.

A settlement of around 5.5 million Israelis is also located in Maale.

Maalek Adalem, also located near the village of Beit Jala, is the largest Palestinian settlement in the region.

It was established in 1948 as an outpost in what was then East Jerusalem.

According to Israeli officials, Maalek was constructed to accommodate the needs of the Israeli army.

However, it has been under Israeli control since 1967 and has been surrounded by Israeli settlements since.

The Israeli government has also built a separation barrier around the village, but Israel has maintained that the fence is needed to protect settlers from Palestinians and that Palestinians do not have the right to enter the village.

In December, a Palestinian court ordered Israel to remove the separation barrier and build a new fence to separate Maalem from the settlement.

Following the ruling, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement that said the separation wall was “the last obstacle” to achieving a Palestinian state.

Israeli authorities have previously announced plans to demolish the village and rebuild it on an Israeli settlement, a move that would further isolate the Palestinians in the volatile region.

In June, Israeli forces demolished Maale after several weeks of clashes.

In September, Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank reportedly attacked Palestinians in a separate incident.

In a statement, the Israeli Civil Administration said that “in the early morning hours of Friday, August 28, 2017, Israeli troops deployed in the Gush Etzion settlement opened fire on a group of Palestinians near the West Jerusalem settlement of Be’er Sheva.”

The group of four Palestinians, who were unarmed, were shot dead.

The incident was one of several incidents that have occurred in recent weeks in which Israeli forces have attacked Palestinians and their property in the Occupied West Bank.

Israel has been criticized for its disproportionate use of force in the territories.

Israel has been known to kill Palestinians and other civilians with excessive force.

In January, Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian teen in the Gaza Strip after he threw stones at an Israeli settler, killing the teenager and wounding two others.

In July, Israeli military police shot dead two Palestinian teens in the central West Bank village of Nabi Saleh after they threw stones.

In August, Israeli police opened fire after a Palestinian threw a Molotov cocktail at Israeli soldiers in the area of Hebron.