When the IRS won’t tell me if I can speak my language: The latest on the IRS tax fraud scandal

The IRS has not been telling me that I can say my language, the IRS has refused to tell me that there are legal requirements that I have to comply with, and the IRS is now telling me I have a choice to say my name, my religion, my gender, my political affiliation, my sexual orientation, and even my political views.

This has become a reality for hundreds of millions of Americans who are either disabled or who have disabilities.

If you are one of these Americans, the federal government is telling you to either be a compliant taxpayer or not, and this is illegal. 

I am an American.

I am disabled.

I do not wish to be a citizen.

I have the right to be free from the government’s dictates and its tyranny.

My family and I are deeply offended by this latest attack on our constitutional rights. 

The IRS should be protecting our rights, not attacking them.

This latest attack, which is being launched by Republicans in Congress and the White House, is a complete betrayal of our constitutional freedoms. 

In the coming days, I will submit an official complaint to the IRS.

We will be seeking a hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court to address the IRS’ latest violation of my rights.

We are asking the IRS to clarify its policies regarding how it handles my requests for information and documentation. 

This latest IRS attack on Americans’ constitutional rights is yet another in a long line of government abuses that have resulted in billions of dollars in back taxes and other costs to American taxpayers. 

What can I do? 

If you or anyone you know is facing IRS questions about your citizenship, your political affiliation or your religious beliefs, contact the IRS at 1-866-407-8180.

If this is your first time making a request for a tax form or a letter, call the IRS toll-free number: 1-877-407–8180 and speak to an IRS agent. 

For more information, please see the links below: IRS Statement on Denying Persons With Disabilities Access to the Federal Government –  http://www.irs.gov/topics/disability/press-releases/irs-statement-denying-persons-with-disabilities-access-to-the-federal-government IRSS Statement on the Non-Affiliation of Individuals with Disabilities –  https://www/irs.go.com/rs/press/pressreleases/?press_name=IRS_press_release_2015_06_28_0_IRS IRSC Statement on Civil Rights Under the ADA – http://www3.whitehouse.gov/?page_id=1 IRRC Report: How the IRS Used Denying Taxpayers Access to Information to Target the Disabled and Non-disabled People in the Community – https://www2.white House.gov?page_name_id=”IRRC_PressRelease_2014_06.28.1_IRRC__PressRelease” IRR Statement on Non-Disparagement of Persons with Disabiliy – www.irr.gov/#!/news/pressroom/pressrelease/2013/10/27/id/283925 IRRS Statement on Discrimination and Harassment of the Disabled –  https:/ /www.white house.gov.

 IRAS Statement on Protecting the Rights of Disabled Persons to Apply for Employment –  www.irsas.gov//press/2013-10/26/statement-disability-rights-employment-disaster-discrimination-protection-disparagement-disables