Which languages are currently supported by Polylang?

The Polylang developers say there are currently around 1,400 languages supported by the language.

Polylang also has a list of known languages and the developers say that some of the languages are not supported at all.

“We support many different languages and we can support languages which are not listed in the official list.

If a language is not supported, we are working to add support for it,” the developer wrote in a blog post on Friday.

The official Polylang list of languages is currently hosted on GitHub, where it has been available for over two years.

The list has grown in size over time, and is currently over 2,000 languages.

“We would like to encourage people to add their own languages to the list, but we do not want to make the list too comprehensive,” Polylang developer Alexander Borsuk said.

The developers say this is a step towards making the list more accessible.

“The current list is just a snapshot of what we do and we don’t want to go on and add more languages,” Borsak said.

“I hope that we will be able to make this list even better over time.

I would like it to be as complete as possible.”

Polylang’s open source development team is currently working on the next version of the language and the developer hopes the list will be a more complete one over time to help people who want to learn more languages.

A number of other languages are also supported by GitHub, such as PHP, PHP 7, Java and Node.js.