Which of the 2016 presidential candidates does this disability language list for?

President Donald Trump is the latest to sign an executive order to ease restrictions on the use of the phrase “tone language disabilities.”

It was Trump’s first order on the issue, which he signed in April, and it included a measure allowing people with mental health problems to be removed from public housing and schools.

Here’s what you need to know about the order and its effects on language disabilities.

What does the Trump order say about the phrase ‘tone language’?

It says the executive order gives the Department of Housing and Urban Development the authority to “allow” a person to qualify for the Housing Choice Voucher program if the person “has a mental health condition that makes it hard for the individual to manage his or her own housing, education, or other essential activities and is likely to impact the individual’s ability to communicate or function in the community or participate in programs, activities, or activities of public or private sector entities.”

What do people need to do to qualify?

The order says that “no more than 20 percent of eligible families may be eligible for the program if, at any time during the year, the person has a disability that makes the person unable to use the services, facilities, or facilities provided by such eligible family for a specified period.”

It also says that a “qualified applicant shall not be excluded from participating in any program, activity, or activity” for a period of time that exceeds five years.

The order also says the Secretary of Housing, Urban Development, and Labor shall have authority to waive the requirement for “qualifying applicants” to use public housing if they have been found “unlikely to use a program, facility, or facility of the Department, the HUD, or the Housing and Community Development Agency for a reasonable period of the applicant’s life.”

So far, the Trump administration has not announced how it plans to comply with the order, but the White House said it is “exploring options” with HUD and HUD’s inspector general to clarify its authority to provide assistance for people with disabilities.

The order is one of several executive orders Trump has signed to ease the restrictions on people with intellectual disabilities.

He signed a similar executive order in June to ease some of the restrictions placed on people who have intellectual disabilities from getting access to public housing.

But Trump also signed an executive action to repeal the Obama-era disability protections for people who are blind or visually impaired.