Why I’m a “disability advocate”

It’s an age old debate, with people of varying ability groups all weighing in.

Disability advocates have long been vocal in their desire to change the stigma surrounding disabilities, particularly in the eyes of those who lack these skills or abilities.

While this debate may be old, the discussion continues, with some disability advocates even taking to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Some disability advocates are calling for the Federal government to create a national “disabilities education fund” to fund disabled students.

Many argue that it’s important for all Americans to learn how to work with others and overcome obstacles.

Others are calling on disability advocates to create an “adult-only” zone at major sporting events.

For some, the debate has taken on a life of its own, and some have even gone so far as to petition the Federal Government to create their own “disabled community.”

As we’ve discussed previously, some people with disabilities are also struggling with their mental health and social functioning.

Whether or not they feel a need to advocate, some disabled people still feel that they must be a voice in this debate, even if it means taking a side.

“Disability” is not a single, monolithic group.

People of different abilities have different needs, beliefs, and opinions.

It’s important to remember that disability can and does exist, and that it is not exclusive to the disabled.

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Featured image by Flickr user John Loehlin.