‘You can’t win, you can’t hurt’: Transgender person’s suicide story to be featured in ‘The Bachelor’

Posted November 18, 2019 03:36:18″I was on a date with a girl that had been on hormones for a couple of years,” Jessica Deakin said.

“It was just me and her, and I didn’t even have a boyfriend or anything.

I was like, ‘Well, what’s up?

This guy wants to bang me.’

And she just kept walking and walking.

And then she ended up dead.

I didn.

I just cried.

It was just a total shock.

And I was really upset and I was so angry.

I felt like, Well, she’s not going to make it.

It’s not fair.”

Jessica Deakin, right, who was diagnosed with gender dysphoria when she was a teenager, speaks with a journalist during a news conference about her suicide.

Deakin and her boyfriend Ryan had been together for about five years before they met, but the relationship soured when Deakin began taking hormone therapy.

“She started seeing a therapist about four months ago and it was so hard for me because I felt really angry, and she was the one who was going through it the most,” Deakin told ABC News.

“I really wanted to say ‘no’ to him, but I didn�t know if he was going to let me.”

Ryan, left, and Deakin met in 2014, but after a year of dating, Ryan was able to get his life back on track.

They were married last year, but Deakin’s suicide made it official.

“I think I really wanted him to know that I really love him and I really want to be with him.

But he was so scared of me.

I thought he was gonna throw me out of the house,” Deakin said.

She was 19 years old when she met Ryan, and the relationship was supposed to end, but she found out he was still dating another woman.

She told the story to a local ABC affiliate, which interviewed her family about the relationship.

She said her parents weren’t ready to accept it, but eventually Ryan let her live with him, and they married last May.

“We had a lot of problems in our relationship and then I lost a lot more weight, so that’s why I lost my job,” she said.

“But I’m not angry at him.

I’m angry at myself.

I need to do something.”

Ryan and Deakinis family say they don’t understand why Deakin chose to commit suicide, and say she is just trying to stop things from getting worse.

Ryan and Jessica Deakini are pictured on their wedding day in 2014.

Deakakis family says she wasn’t ready for the “nightmare” of hormones, and that they didn’t know why Deakinski was taking hormones.

“We just really want the family to know, that she didn’t want it to be that way, and we know that she had a great life,” said Deakis mother, Nicole Deakaki.

“And we know she had other people to support her and love her and give her all the support she needed.”

Deakakis funeral will be held on Sunday at the home of her father, Ryan Deak, and her mother, Marcy Deakki.

Her body will be taken back to Florida for cremation, and will be flown to a nearby funeral home.

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